Corporate optometry, vision insurance, and on-line retail ordering of glasses have put a huge strain on independent optometrists, impacting their bottom line and forcing them to see more patients per day to stay afloat.  What are the top-performing optometry offices doing to fight this trend?

For many, the answer is to add a new service that is more profitable, and that patients can’t find anywhere else.

NeuroVisual Medicine’s clinical training program enables optometrists to build profitable practices, deliver life-changing care, and reach a new level of joy in their careers. Utilizing a unique clinical platform, optometrists successfully treat Binocular Vision symptoms in just 2 exams with advanced application of microprism lenses - no fancy machines and no therapy required. 

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Improve Depth Perception

Randot testing shows an average of +75% increase (3.3 level increase) immediately upon use of the trial frame containing micro prism lenses.*

*Based on unpublished research: N=69 patients
Baseline (Prior to treatment) = 4.3 units
After micro prism lenses = 7.6 units

Reduction in Near Point of Convergence

Patients experience an immediate 50% reduction in Near Point of Convergence testing from 10.1 in to 5.1 with Micro Prism lenses.*

*Based on unpublished research: N=134 patients
Baseline (Prior to treatment) = 10.1 inches
After micro prism lenses = 5.1 inches

Today, backed by 25 years of clinical research and 10 years of peer-reviewed publications, NVM Institute is now offering an intensive five-day clinical training program on how to assess and diagnose BVD, including:

  • Screening Techniques: Learn how to use the scientifically validated BVDQ™ Symptom Questionnaire and the 5-Minute Cover Test™. 
  • Binocular Vision Evaluation: Conduct multiple vision alignment tests, as well as analysis of posture and gait stability.
  • Trial Framing: Utilize increments of microprism on the horizontal and vertical planes to custom fit the patient’s prescription.

    Then, as a graduate and member of the NVM Network, you’ll receive the following:  

  • 50-300 leads per year, depending on your region, from our lead generation site.  
  • Complete staff training for front desk scheduling, opticians, labs, and insurance billing. 
  • Access to comprehensive NeuroVisual systems and processes such as scheduling templates, and intake/exam forms. 
  • Access to EHR/EMR templates to customize your own.
  • BVD and NeuroVisual educational marketing collateral, including marketing, website, and SEO support
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Transforming Optometry Practices Across the World

Hear how real practices are leveraging NeuroVisual Medicine.

Dr. Aversa 
(Hasbrouck Heights, NJ)

When you ask him what his favorite part of practicing NeuroVisual Medicine is, he’ll tell you he loves the emotional moments when he finds the sweet spot with a prism prescription and the patient starts to walk straighter and faster and feel immediate relief.

Dr. Sonneberg 
(Boynton Beach, FL)

One year after cold starting her optometric practice, Dr. Sonneberg needed a way to differentiate herself from the practices in her area.  Her NeuroVisual practice is thriving and she has patients travel from across the state of Florida for her care.

Dr. McDaniel (Mascoutah, IL)

Dr. McDaniel got introduced to the power of prism with the Neurolens machine and was looking to provide more impact for her patients. Now, NeuroVisual Medicine and Low Vision are her two main specialties and is successfully growing her practice.

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Average of 80% Symptom Reduction

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Walking Imbalance

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Treat Binocular Vision Dysfunction with Microprism Lenses and:

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Average of 80% Symptom Reduction

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SU    M  T  W  TH  F    SA


Walking Imbalance

Deliver Unparalleled Results

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Go Far Beyond Acuity

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